How to choose fog lights
How to choose fog lights

How to choose fog lights

Choosing fog lights

In addition, they tend to burn out, so their regular replacement is necessary and can be done independently without much effort. Therefore, if you have the installation skills, it remains only to understand which option of fog lights read more about them here to choose and which one is best suited for this car. Not only the comfort of movement depends on this, but also safety: light from them is necessary at low visibility, so their replacement and high-quality work is simply necessary for every vehicle.

So that the device does not stop working at the most inopportune moment, you should choose it according to several parameters, taking into account everything that is necessary — only then the purchase will be successful, and the choice of the best product in the line is possible.

Basic parameters

To understand how fog lamps work, it is necessary to find out why conventional headlights are not able to withstand illuminating a certain section of road in foggy or rainy weather. The fact is that these weather conditions are accompanied by increased humidity, which strongly reflects light. Driving becomes extremely difficult and dangerous for all road users, so it is necessary to use headlights that can break through fog and darkness.

Fog lights create a high beam for a car that, according to the norms, has either white or a selective yellow color for the location in front. At the back, it is customary to install headlights with a red light. A long and flat beam should pass through the fog, giving a good overview to the driver and passenger. At the same time, the glass on the fog lights can be transparent, yellow and even blue. The mount should be strong enough so that no extraneous noise is created while driving, and the headlights remain intact.

The car must necessarily be equipped with at least one fog lamp at the rear. The rules of the road recommend drivers to turn it on in case of thick fog or heavy snow, reducing visibility by less than 100 meters. But during heavy rain, it is undesirable to use it, since bright light can blind other road users.

It is not necessary to install fog lamps in front. Here we need low beam headlights, which are very useful with reduced visibility. Fog lights illuminate only the center and edge of the roadway at a short distance, so they often go as an addition to the main headlights.

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